Monday, August 9, 2010

Swagger like M.I.A

Last night I was watching Wild Child on ABC Family, that movie is a must watch is with Emma Roberts. The movie featured alot of good music and one voice that I recognized was M.I.A's. Come Around by M.I.A featuring Timbaland was featured in the movie. I was singing this song all night long like,seriously and as I'm writing this I'm listening to it. M.I.A's style is really funky and original, she is just a fashionista really, she should have her own clothing line. While I was googling her I found out she does.The first two pictures is from her collection.


  1. MIA's style is bomb!!!
    Love your blog :)
    The Beckerman Girls

  2. LOVE M.I.A!!!
    espeicaly that one colorful dress with the tiger on it or something. anyways, i love how colorful her outifits are and i love the navajo print romper (?) in the first picture!

  3. M.I.A

    I adore it!!!!
    The style the music everything...